Gippsland Lakes

After the endless rain, the sky was showing a small but growing hole with blue skies, so I drove over the 30 minutes to Metung, a tiny fishing village on the Gippsland lakes.

I wanted to stay there initially but it was pretty much booked out – in my price class.

I walked along the lake shore and on the boardwalks, and took some photos of the skies and the glistening lakes…

… before I stepped into a tiny restaurant and treated myself to some yummy gnocchi and, unfortunately, just a coke, no wine (but I still had to drive half an hour back).

It was a quiet, nice ending to a long day of driving, of saying good-bye and lots of contemplating behind the wheel.

I have to concentrate of course, as I do not have that much driving experience, but the longer I drove the less traffic there was and the easier it got.

I finally had some time to listen to the leaked Madonna album in full.

And I had some time to think about this trip, its impact, the people I met, the ones I lost, the experiences, and the time ahead.

Sometimes it’s good to take the time not to fly, but to drive or take the train, and have some time to think, before you arrive somewhere new.