Gippsland Lakes

After the endless rain, the sky was showing a small but growing hole with blue skies, so I drove over the 30 minutes to Metung, a tiny fishing village on the Gippsland lakes. I wanted to stay there initially but it was pretty much booked out – in my price class. I walked along the lake […] Read More

Lake Washington

Summer is in full swing, so this weekend was a really lazy one. After the match Rubgy vs. Sisters, I went on a beer bust for the rest of the day and ended up bar hopping with my friend Daniel until very, very late. Sunday I tried to sleep in, and then headed down to […] Read More


Lachine is a little suburb of Montréal, earlier its own city but of course long been swallowed by the spreading city. It sits along the Lac Saint-Louis, where the St. Laurence river widens to form this lake, and along the Canal that was dug to circumvent the rapids in the river. It got its name, Lachine, in […] Read More


The weather was quite grey in Queenstown, I wasn’t up for a lake tour, so I decided to take the scenic drive along Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy. Glenorchy is supposed to be a cute town at the end of the lake, basically at the end of all paved roads there. Actually, the road only exists […] Read More

On to Queenstown

I got up early (e.g. 9am) because I had nearly 300 kilometers to drive to Queenstown. The lovely hosts of my Burkes Pass Motel gave me a couple of tips. So many in fact that I could easily drive on another two weeks, to cover that. Why read a 500 page Lonely Planet? Just ask […] Read More

Lake Tekapo

Before heading out of Christchurch, I paid a visit to the Quake City Exhibition. In the heart of what once was the Central Business District, this exhibition explains the background of the earthquake in 2011 (and the historic ones), the science behind plate tectonics, liquefaction, sand volcanoes… But it also gives a human touch to […] Read More

Heaven and Hell

I slept like a baby after the evening in the Polynesian Spa, ready to start the day in Rotorua… But somehow, I was undecided what to see, the thermal pods in the park, the Lake, the Māori site with the Geysir… I walked a bit along the lake and through those sulfur and steam vents… but […] Read More