(My) Rebel Heart

When I was young and Madonna was super popular in the mid-80s, I actually didn’t like her!

I might have listened to some of the songs on radio, but I didn’t like the personae, and the hype around her.

That changed in 1989 with the Like A Prayer song, album, and video clip. Suddenly she was attacked from all sides, and I got interested in that woman that pushed the boundaries of music and video clips so much further.

When she came on tour in 1990, in full Gautier cone bra, with a raunchy show that my mom called ‘obscene’, I had to go see her in Munich.

Since then, I have seen her in 52 concerts, and one TV show.

When I woke up this morning and checked my Facebook, as usual half asleep… I woke up immediately seeing the posts about Madonna on iTunes from my various Madonna friends around the globe.

The Madonna community was in overdrive and close to hyper-ventilation.

After a leak of 13 demos the week before, the new album was suddenly for pre-order on iTunes, and six songs could be downloaded right away, ahead of the March 2015 release date.

Rebel Heart download

So I’ve spent the last day listening tho the surprise preview, the new single Living for love and a couple of songs, and I even broke my vow not to listen to the demos and had a sneak preview at the title track, Rebel heart.

It’s a great song in which she tries to explain what drives her, her longing to stand out ,not be part of a group, but be herself.

This is why I love this woman, besides the music and the show of course, and besides the provocations, the image, the scandals…

She’s a rebel at heart, a woman with an insatiable hunger to go further, push herself, with ambition, and iron discipline, but with a drive to question rules and break them.

I wish I had more of that in me, and more of her I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-other-people-think attitude.

I can’t wait for 2015, it will be another Madonna year.

The album release date is set for 10 March 2015, in time for my return to Brussels.

She will go on tour for sure, and I am glad that this likely won’t collide with my trip. One of my biggest worries in extending it – what if I am on the other side of the world when she launches the tour…????

I can’t wait to see all my tour friends again when we travel trough Europe, following her on a number of shows, like on 2012 when I did 5 shows in 10 days….