City trips

I was mailing with my friend Paul, whom I met in Tokyo, about the inevitable frustrations of coming back, being enclosed in an office, being in the same spot…. He answered in his kind way and proposed I organise maybe a few side trips, to have something to look forward to. This opened a window […] Read More


Back in Brussels, I have spent the first few days carrying boxes around. Bringing stuff up from the basement, bringing stuff down to the basement, going through all boxes, checking what I would need and what could potentially stay in the basement for another couple of months…. Brussels weather was at it’s best for such […] Read More

Meet the sponsors

If you go on a trip of this magnitude, you have to have a strict management of your budget. There’s no way around it, or you will run into trouble. Some cities are cheaper, some more expensive, but you have to keep an eye on your spendings. Considering I planned and saved for a 15-month […] Read More

Daily life

There is not much to report from here. I am not sure I can keep the blog up and running with so little to report. I mean this blog was intended as a diary, to report on what I’ve been doing fro friends and family at home. I have kept it up – but not been […] Read More

Ticket panic

I got up at 5.45 in the morning, in time for the pre-sale of Madonna tickets in a couple of European cities. Ticket panic! As usual, the first day of a pre-sale went horribly wrong. Links that were supposed to work at a certain time were not activated yet, and fans were in panic… until […] Read More

My next project

Here is my next project, for when I return to the real world and join the ranks of the working population again: Madonna’s Rebel Heart World Tour. The announcement came a bit early – I had hoped I had more time to save money – and the pre-sale for some shows start tomorrow, so I […] Read More


Traveling around the globe makes you see an innumerable amount of things: sights, museums, exhibitions…. but you also do miss some things that happen at home. I was bummed to realize I would miss the big Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in London in 2013… as well as Matisse in Tate Modern, the London film festival, […] Read More

(My) Rebel Heart

When I was young and Madonna was super popular in the mid-80s, I actually didn’t like her! I might have listened to some of the songs on radio, but I didn’t like the personae, and the hype around her. That changed in 1989 with the Like A Prayer song, album, and video clip. Suddenly she […] Read More

Viva la vida

Frida Kahlo is probably the reason I am in Mexico City right now. I first heard about her in 1991. She was mentioned in an interview that Madonna gave to a magazine in her Los Angeles home. The article described a painting that was hanging in one room, of a Mexican painter I had never heard […] Read More


My cold is getting better, but I have to say I still feel exhausted. It’s maybe also linked to the city’s altitude, with 2250 meters above sea level, it is significantly higher than the port cities I have stayed in the last months… So I start exploring my neighborhood slowly. I have walked through Zona […] Read More

Iced coffee and buntinis

Our last event at the Burn: our Lemon Bunt Cakes and Iced Coffee Sober Social. When everybody is already worn out by the partying, and is getting ready to burn the man this night, we’re serving something sober. Full success, the queue was practically around the block. I am always amazed to see people queuing up that […] Read More

Blond Ambition

Totally unrelated, but today, 24 years ago, I was in the Olympic Equestrian Stadium in Munich, to attend my first ever Madonna concert, on 15 July 1990. She was on tour with her legendary Blond Ambition Tour, with the cone bras, corsets, crosses, priests, and a full on masturbation scene on a red bed. It was […] Read More