My cold is getting better, but I have to say I still feel exhausted. It’s maybe also linked to the city’s altitude, with 2250 meters above sea level, it is significantly higher than the port cities I have stayed in the last months…

So I start exploring my neighborhood slowly. I have walked through Zona Rosa, my immediate neighborhood, which has a weird mix of buildings, ranging from old to modern, classy to run-down, high and low, brick to glass.

I have to say, it doesn’t rally match. But it’s lively and full of stores and restaurants, mostly chains I would say, though.

Following the advice of a friend of a friend, I ventured south into adjacent Roma, walking down the more residential streets, that have restaurants and bars on every corner.

All tree lined, it reminded me a bit of my old neighborhood in Ixelles.

It’s a bit better-off than Zona Rosa, younger, more eclectic. I wanted down the streets, heading down to Mercado de Medellín, and made note of some interesting places to visit: bars, an organic salad bar/Café…

And I roamed through an old record shop. I found a copy of Madonna’s very first 1983 album, the Mexican edition, surely ¡muy raro! with a spanish language sticker and the titles of the songs en español!

I’m seriously thinking to get it and give it to Renato for storage in San Francisco when the gang hits Mexico next week.


At the Mercado, I walked through the little stands, often I could not even guess what fruit was on display. I had a delicious jugo antigripal, con naranja, pińa, guayaba, limón y miel!

On through a part of the next barrio, Condesa, another nice neighborhood I could have lived in.

Same tree-lined streets, and a big park at its heart: Parque Mexcio, that was full of joggers and people walking their dogs.

Later in the evening, I walked up north over Paseo de la Reforma, (an adventure to cross it without lights in the evening traffic jam) and into Colonia Cuauhtémoc.

Again, a more residential, quieter neighborhood than Zona Rosa, it boasts number of bars and restaurants, and street food vendors on seemingly every corner.

I met up with Gerardo, an editor and photographer, for a coffee in a nice corner Café called Terrace, for a late-afternoon coffee. I think I found a nice spot for breakfast, and to work on my blog.

In the evening, I wanted to go out for a beer, but I spend it on my couch, watching TV, and working a bit on my laptop.

As I say: slow start. But a good one!