Iced coffee and buntinis

Our last event at the Burn: our Lemon Bunt Cakes and Iced Coffee Sober Social. When everybody is already worn out by the partying, and is getting ready to burn the man this night, we’re serving something sober.

Full success, the queue was practically around the block. I am always amazed to see people queuing up that long for a free coffee and cake. But it was great fun.


We even had the German television there. RTL2, a private channel, is following the story of the Reimann family, who left Germany for Texas about 11 years ago.

They were at Burning Man, and we were happy to serve them drinks. I’m curious to see that episode on the air in a couple of weeks, and I hope we’ll make the cut!

I couldn’t make it to any of the other events that I had mapped out for the day, like another playa bike ride, etc…

I only made it to one other event that I had circled big in the little book: Madonnapokalypse at the Pickle Joint. How could I miss that…?


At this point, I didn’t even bother to dress up anymore… just my red furry pants and a Madonna T-shirt. That would have to do.

And it was worth it. It was the Apokalypse, Doomsday and Resurrection all in one. We danced for two hours, and I made some new friends with whom I plan to go see her live some time in 2015.