Just when I thought that the playa is really friendly, and not as hard as I thought, it shows its real face. Today the winds picked up, and we had some sort of a weak white-out.

It actually fits my mood, I am tired and I need to slow down. I hardly get enough sleep at night, the tent heats up in the morning so that by 9 o’clock you just want to get up.

With all the parties, the things to see, the people to meet, you don’t get enough sleep.

So I opted for a slower day, heading down my street to Camp Listen. They have a number of events that focus less on the fun, but more the spiritual side of Burning Man.

We came a bit too late but participated a little in Listening to your body, something to be recommended, especially after a week out in the desert.

The also had a space where people could come and sit, and listen, or be listened to. I joined in for some time today, and had some great conversations with two guys from the camp and a girl that passed by. It reminded me of The free listening project in Seattle.


From there I went to look for my friend Thilo’s Camp, Diva’s Garden. We met through a common friend in Brussels, and I wanted to come over and meet his camp mates, just spending the afternoon with them. And a Bloody Mary.

On to MaDaquiri, a two-hour Madonna and Daquiri fest. While we were dancing, the wind really picked up and we were stuck.

The recommendation during a white-out is to seek shelter and stay put wherever you find it. This was only a small one, but you get the picture.

The Camp just closed its tent, and with Madonna and a seemingly endless supply of Daquiris, you can survive any white-out on the playa.

Later that night, I witnessed the Jewish sabbath ceremony, and spent some time in the GenderBlender Kissing booth until I was finally kissed…

Mystopia had a party going on, and so did Comfort&Joy. They had some fire artists over as well as the techno sheep, that parked right between us and them and made the playa its dance floor.

I was seriously too tired to do anything this night, I was in bed early (e.g. 2 a.m. or so), with my ear plugs being my best friends.