I’m grumpy today, simple as that. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep after last night. Maybe it’s pre-return blues.

It was a nice, sunny day – and finally not hot and humid but really agreeable! But I only left the house at around 4.

Again, several plans for the day kind of fell through, and I feel I’m done with it. Maybe I just go with the flow now. Call me if you want to see me, don’t call, if not. Either way I’ll be sitting under a tree, reading a book.

Funnily I would love to read Momo again – Michael Ende’s amazing story about the girl who brought the stolen time back to humanity… unfortunately it seems it’s not available as a kindle edition.

Anyway, all I did today is sort a few files, write a bit and then take a stroll through Recoleta.

I walked along the cemetery with Evita’s grave (been there in 2011, once is enough) and walked through the féria of Recoleta, a small market in front of the cemetery with lots of touristy trinkets that I snubbed.

Technically, I could buy some souvenir’s now only two flights left and I have about 2 kilo to my weight limit – but who needs all that stuff…? It’s exactly what I threw out before I left and I’m not gonna start again!

I just sat down in the green gras, with a few hundred others, and listened to the street musician’s playing songs.

I got some ice cream and walked around, chatted with a friend in South Africa, which heightened my mood a bit, then went home to cook and now I’m just sitting on the balcony, listening to the sounds of Buenos Aires.

The cars driving by on Avenida Callao, the honking, the barking dog, and the wind in the trees, with an open can of Quilmes.

Life is good after all, and grumpy days are part of it.

Tomorrow I have to get my ass up and out and do something, and be it only to go swimming…