Nights out

It’s the weekend, so time to go out… Or first sleep a lot so you can actually match the Argentinian time frame to go out…

Friday night I slept into the evening and then, past midnight, walked over to Sitges, a bar that is supposed to be a first stop on your nightly circuit, waiting for the clubs to open.

I arrived at about 1 am (!) and there were only a dozen people… but by 1.30 to 2 am, it miraculously filled up.

The thing is: Argentinians take a disco nap, then eat at maybe 10 pm, then hang out at friend’s houses and start drinking – avoiding the high prices of alcohol, and only then hit the bars or clubs.

Before 2 pm there is little chance of any nightlife at all. I really struggled with this the last time, this time around I know better.

From Sitges I went on to Contramano, for a quick beer, but called it an early night at say around 3.30 am… Plus the time I need to fall asleep…

Saturday then I really didn’t do much – it was a grey day and I mostly stayed in.

At 9 pm, Javo had organized a little dinner in a restaurant around the corner, and the nine of us has a good time and nice start into the evening.

Most of the guys and girls went home after, I headed to Rheo, a club in Palermo where my friend Andrés was DJ-ing that night. Again, I arrived at 1.45 am, but the club was still pretty empty…

By the time Andrés started to play though at 2.30 it had filled up nicely. It really baffles me to see how this works. It might be super late, but it is, basically, like clockwork.

Andrés played an eclectic mix of old and new songs, fiercely mixed together that got the crown dancing, and even I had a round on the dance floor, or two…

But I am old, I really can’t keep this up that late, so by 3.45 I called it quits and headed home.

Little tip: only take a taxi with a meter. One guy wanted 120 Pesos flat to drive me to Recoleta, it seemed excessive and I got out to get a taxi who would use the meter. Bingo! 68 Pesos was more like it.

One thing I learned on this trip around the globe: Taxi drivers are the most likely profession trying to cheat you, whatever the country, or cultural background.

Sorry guys, but I have taken enough rides now to make a statistically sound evaluation!