Into autumn

I woke up to a grey, covered sky, and it had cooled down notably over night.

I wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Art, but it is closed till 2nd of March – just in time for me to see it on the last days.

I went to what seems to become my favorite place, Wonderful Café, in Lastarria, and worked a bit on the blog and a few maps.

Walking home through Lastarria, the sun had come out, a soft, yellow light, people in the streets, sipping coffee…

I could feel a first hint of autumn, a cooler air, the warm, but softer sunlight…

Santiago is still in summer mode, but school holidays will end next week, and people are set to return from their summer homes.

I feel it is much more quiet than last time, less traffic, less speed, less people.

I haven’t done much to report in the last days – I spend time reading, eating, sipping coffee, walking, and meeting friends.

Not that this is something new! But somehow my feeling changed.

Even on the second visit to Melbourne, I had a feeling I was pushed to go, do, see, visit, eat, drink, meet something or someone.

I spent very few days at home, or just reading.

Here, in Santiago, I have reached a state of tranquility of it all, that I have really missed, and that is really good and healthy.