Renovation time

Ok, it’s time to renovate the look of this blog! As the journey is over, and I won’t be posting much more on here, I’ll work on a new layout, making the different cities more accessible. So forgive if the site may look a bit weird in parts, I am working on adapting the posts […] Read More


Back in Brussels, I have spent the first few days carrying boxes around. Bringing stuff up from the basement, bringing stuff down to the basement, going through all boxes, checking what I would need and what could potentially stay in the basement for another couple of months…. Brussels weather was at it’s best for such […] Read More

Into autumn

I woke up to a grey, covered sky, and it had cooled down notably over night. I wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Art, but it is closed till 2nd of March – just in time for me to see it on the last days. I went to what seems to become my […] Read More

Blog statistics

When I started writing this blog I had a couple of different motivations. First of all I wanted to keep a diary, for myself, but also for friends and family at home, to see what I am doing. And for practical reasons of not having to write the same emails over and over again with […] Read More

Liebster Award

Slowly, the blog has been gaining readers. I can see the clicks rise, a little here, a little there, then fall again…. But I can definitely see my followers on Twitter increase a lot lately, and it’s not only people who follow me back, but people that seem to discover me, somehow. It is a great […] Read More

Slow site

It seems that my site is running slow at the moment, especially the picture galleries. Darn! I have no idea why, it started when I updated to the newest WordPress software and the adaptation of the template. I’ll look into it. But I’m no IT expert. So the site might look different in the next […] Read More

Bar night

After Sabine left, I spent the morning cleaning my files, writing some mails, continuing some planning for the trip in a café, and then met up in the early evening with Cihan, a reader of my blog! He wanted to show me a couple of his favorite bars, and as I haven’t gone out in […] Read More