Last days, wrapping up

These are the last days in TLV. My foot is fine again, but I am still struggling a bit with my cold, mostly my sinus are blocked and i have a headache… so the last days have been slow, again.

I decided I would not run around like a mad tourists on those last days, even if it meant not going to Yad Vashem or to the Dead Sea. I’ll leave that for a further visit, I’ll definitely be back to Tel Aviv.

I’m not fully fit, and I’d rather spent the time with the friends here in in Tel Aviv. Two friends who were supposed to visit me didn’t show up, so I have a bit more time for my new friends here.

To sum it up, I had breakfast with Ron, drinks with Matam, coffee with Liran, went to the beach, got to see the World cup match Germany vs. Ghana in a public viewing organized by the Goethe Institut on the beach, and had another dinner with Matam.

Tomorrow I’ll meet Davidi again and see Ron, one last time. It’s not that there’s nothing to do…

I have started to wrap up my camp here in Ha’avoda Street: empty the fridge, preparing to pack my stuff, wrote the last postcards…

I’m checking in for my flights to Istanbul and Zurich, contacted Josée in Montréal for final instructions, downloaded the maps, checked connections…

Where did the time go?

It feels like two weeks here, at most, not four! Time speeds up more and more.