Off to Reno

Last night I dropped off my three boxes of stuff, the duffle bag of dust-proof zip-locked clothes and my bike at Tom & Tim’s home at Duboce Park.

This morning I got up early and headed over, to help Tim with a few things, mostly getting the dry ice into the food container without freezing off our fingers.

When the others arrived with the Mini-van and the U-haul truck, we started loading out stuff. Endless boxes, the food, sleeping bags, the tents, the shade structures, the tree house that we’ll build, the bikes…


We got a little scared by a suspected oil leak, but we drove off nonetheless. Traffic out of San Francisco and into Sacramento was massive, so we took quite a while.

We got 400 gallons of water from friends, a couple in the Sierra Nevada that will also be at Burning Man tomorrow. Finally we arrived in Reno at about 10 pm, a bit knackered but happy it all went well.

We’ll get up early tomorrow and drive on into the desert of Nevada, to famous Black Rock City, where we’ll be for the next week.

We have early arrival tickets, which means we won’t have to wait hours in the queue (maybe only one, or two), so we can start building our camp.

The blog will likely take a break in the next few days as I won’t have internet access. I programmed a couple of posts to appear now and then, but basically you’ll read about Burning Man only when we re-appear from the dust, some time early next week.