Sleepless in Seattle

As I’m currently offline in the Nevada desert, here’s a blast from the past, my best-of from Seattle:

Best part/scene/place: Capitol Hill. Seattle has many great neighborhoods, but nothing beats the Hill with its bars, restaurants, quiet green side streets, parks…

Best drink (alcoholic): I just sampled all the local beers. I can’t really remember all the names. Best drink though would go to Joe’s Vodka mixes in Volunteer Park.

Best restaurant: Shibumi Izakaya, a Japanese Restaurant on Pine.

Best bar: Pony would be the candidate for the best decorum. 70s porn decorating the walls… Madison Pub is probably the most relaxed. CC Attle was my neighborhood bar, around the corner.

Most visited place: Café Joe Bar. Every morning for a latte and almond croissant. They also serve great crepes. On top of it, the chaining art exhibitions add to the flair.

Best movie: Lauren Bacall’s To Have and Have Not with Humphrey Bogart.

Song of the month: Both Sia’s Chandelier and Big girls cry. It’s a tie.

Best speciality: Japanese Ramen. They are big in Seattle and I tasted some really good ones.

Best sight: For me, Mount Rainier, looming and towering over the city in the background. I have never visited it, it looks like a painting in the sky. Surreal. Or maybe those panties I saw in the park. Just as surreal.

The most beautiful place: Volunteer Park, I’d say. Just a perfect hang-out place to read your book under those old trees.

The reasons to come back: I haven’t done the Space Needle at night, or the skyline form West Seattle at night. I Still need to do that trip to Mount Rainier… I’ll be back!