Vitor left early Saturday morning and I slept in.

I did not move from the house all day, mostly sitting on the sofa and going through my pictures, sleeping, eating, and blogging till late night.

We could not decide to go out, not even for a movie, and just watched that crappy Airport ’75 movie where the cross-eyed stewardess flies the 747 with a hole in the cockpit over the Rocky Mountains. Tells you how brain dead I am by now.

Sunday was clean-up day down in San Carlos at Craig’s place. Some of us had already washed the tents and tarps yesterday, so we mostly took care of the treehouse, power washed it with high pressure water and stored it all in Craig’s backyard, for next year.

I was even too tired to take pictures of the clean-up. I guest it’s just a normal case of Post-Burn-Syndrome.Tired