Even though we danced all night, we got up early in the morning and hit the road north, for a trip to Sonoma. It was Vitor’s last day in San Francisco, but how could a visit be complete without having tasted some California wine?

I love the drive up there, over the Golden Gate bride, into Marin county, and up to Sonoma, through those windy streets and all the endless vineyards.

First stop was Francis Ford Coppola’s winery, where our movie buff Vitor nearly fell over as he saw the Oscar’s in their vitrines.


Next stop: a little sandwich place, so we would have a base for more wine tasting, and then a stop for ice cream in Healdsburg on the Russian River, one of my favorite wine regions. We bought a bottle of Zinfandel from Rued Vineyards in Dry River, for next week.

I slept through most of the drive though, as I was knocked out from last night, and pretty much only woke up when we crossed the newly opened Bay bridge and headed over to San Francisco again.

We went out for a light dinner and drinks with our friends Lisa and Dave, and then sent Vitor off to his flights to Philadelphia and Lisbon in the early morning.