Dancing the night away

Yesterday Vitor and I went on a little art tour, first visiting the ruins of the once famous Sutro baths on Ocean Beach, then on to the Legion of Honor Museum, where the SF MOMA exhibits a number of its Matisse collection, while their building is being extended.

It was a small exhibition, with lots of still life and landscape paintings, less portraits. But it was also my first time to visit the Legion of Honor’s permanent collection, and the impressive and beautiful building right in the middle of the Presidio.


As our ticket was also good for the de Young Museum, we headed there, too. The de Young is running a show on Modernism (that I will see next week) and also a nice photo exhibition on early LGBT life in LA and San Francisco.

We also walked though their permanent collection, and ended the day on top of the de Young tower with its magnificent viewing platform over the city.

The night was devoted to more fun. As Renato stayed at home with their 1-year old, Dennis had a night out and joined Lisa, Vitor and me for some yummy cheese fondue, and then we all headed over to the 80s night at the Cat Club.

I’ve passed this place many times when we were still living in the apartment on Folsom and Dore Alley, but never went in. I realize I do have a lot of established patterns in San Francisco, I tend to go to the same old places, and ignore a lot of new things.

Maybe this trip will be an occasion to break a few of these patterns and try out some new bars and pubs, restaurants and clubs.


While the first room played more pop 80s stuff, we soon ended in the more darker second room, that played early 80s, Depeche Mode, etc…

One great song followed the other, and with a total of six Gin Tonic, Lisa and I soon climbed the stairs to the little stage and delivered a show. Luckily, the place was too dark for the videos that Dennis took to turn out too clear.