Estación Mapocho

Time to revisit another place that was a favorite of mine last time around, Estación Mapocho, an old train station, now decommissioned, that once linked Santiago to Northern Chile. Built between 1905 and 1912, the station was constructed in time for the centennial celebrations in Chile, which also saw the construction of the Museo de […] Read More

Canberra war memorial

Every town in Australia has its war memorial, big or small, and the memories of the Great War are kept fresh, especially during the centennial. So I visited Australia’s official war memorial in Canberra, a bit up on the hill, overlooking the city and down Constitution Avenue, on the Old Parliament building, and the new […] Read More


Day 3 of my trip up to Sydney. This time I went inland, and quickly up the hills, through a couple of green pastures… cows galore! Australia has always such a dry, arid image in my mind, I am surprised to find these lush, green spots. There were a couple of stops with walks through Rain forests, […] Read More

Bohemian Melbourne

More or less by accident I walked into the State Library of Victoria, and into the exhibition Bohemian Melbourne that is currently on display for free. It presented a rich overview of Melbourne’s bohemian life, from it’s early beginnings in the 19th century, especially after the gold rush brought in the money and the dandies, to […] Read More


Traveling around the globe makes you see an innumerable amount of things: sights, museums, exhibitions…. but you also do miss some things that happen at home. I was bummed to realize I would miss the big Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in London in 2013… as well as Matisse in Tate Modern, the London film festival, […] Read More


Melbourne is a big city – and a small one at the same time. It is funny to see how things come full circle, within a year. So, my host Sara told me about that street artist she liked and knew through a few friends, who had an exhibition in the CBD. She showed me […] Read More


Mexico City has an overload of Museums, more than 150! Of every kind. The locals pride themselves that no other city on earth has more museums that Mexico City. And I am inclined to agree. I have a huge list of museums to go to: Modern art, contemporary art, photography, print, water colors, mining, the […] Read More

Viva la vida

Frida Kahlo is probably the reason I am in Mexico City right now. I first heard about her in 1991. She was mentioned in an interview that Madonna gave to a magazine in her Los Angeles home. The article described a painting that was hanging in one room, of a Mexican painter I had never heard […] Read More

Dancing the night away

Yesterday Vitor and I went on a little art tour, first visiting the ruins of the once famous Sutro baths on Ocean Beach, then on to the Legion of Honor Museum, where the SF MOMA exhibits a number of its Matisse collection, while their building is being extended. It was a small exhibition, with lots of […] Read More

Istanbul Arts

My neighborhood in Beyoglu has a great number of little galleries and two major museums, that I have visited in the past days First, Istanbul Modern. It sits at the foot of the hill, a bit hidden between a beautifully renovated mosque, the cruise ship quay and an empty parking lot, that soon will be […] Read More


The weather is so volatile right now, it’s hard to plan anything. You wake up, it’s grey as can be… turn around, wake up again, blue skies… jump in the shower, ready to go out, it’s raining. Do some surfing, blue skies, out for coffee… walking home, back in the rain… I want to do […] Read More

MONA is the new MOMA

Everybody, without exception, whom I told that I would go to Hobart, said: you have to go to MONA. Even those who never have been to Tasmania. The museum’s reputation is noteworthy for a place that only opened in 2011. MONA is the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart. I had never even […] Read More