Not too much to report here. We slept till late, had coffee, and headed for Sandy Bay beach again.

Slept a while, met some friends there, and I got into the cold water again. It gets easier every time you do it.

In the evening, dinner with Branden at Beefcake, a local hot spot Burger Restaurant that lets you order a shot to be slurped out of your waiter’s belly button – and hence immensely popular with girls out on a stag night.

Incidentally the only restaurant that was open in the Cape Quarter – all the other places like Manhattan’s had taken a day off.

We were not the only disoriented tourists strolling around in search for food…. It seems Cape Town really winds down on the first of January, after all the festivities from the previous night it becomes totally sleepy.

One final drink at Amsterdam and off we went. Tired, satisfied.