Revival time

After meeting Cate yesterday in Canberra, it was time for another round of revivals.

First, I met Angus again, whom I met in Melbourne last year and then on in Sydney. He was so generous to offer me a place to crash for the night, and we went out afterwards…

IMG_0081… to meet Glenn, a Madonna fan that I have been in touch with for about 15 years now (Glenn! we didn’t take a picture!)….

… then to meet my former airbnb host from Hong Kong, Henri, for drinks in a bar on Oxford street… and suffer through some good and bad Karaoke….

And, this morning, while having a final coffee close to Angus home, we ran into one of the girls I met at last years New Year’s Eve party in Sydney, and then again at the harbor cruise.

This starts to become fun! It’s like reliving this trip in high-speed.

Glenn is coming to Europe this summer and I might see him at a Madonna show towards the end of the year. Henri is coming to Europe in March…. Colin from Melbourne is already there and might make a visit to Brussels….

I can’t believe how many great new friends I have made.