San Francisco budget

And here is the budget for my time in San Francisco, without the money spent on the Burning Man adventure.

However, the figures here are not representative and comparable to the other cities I have visited.

First and foremost, I did not spend anything on accommodation here, thanks to Renato&Dennis’ generosity.

I also practically spend nothing on food at their home, they simply cooked for me and I could use and eat anything I wanted.

This seriously brought the overall cost down. I have to think of a way to thank them, once I’m back at work and have a salary again. Good tickets for the next Madonna Tour come to mind…

So here’s what I spent in these 15 days in San Francisco.

290 €  eating out & drinks
185 €  other expenses (phone, etc…)
45   €  transport (recharging my ClipperCard)
30   €  cultural activities, entry fees, etc…
25   €  supermarkets
0     €  accommodation

I was surprised to see the ‘other’ expenses this high, but I spent a lot on mobile data, a haircut, and on postcards and stamps and other stuff.

In total, I spent 575 €. Together with the 1470 € for Burning Man, I spent 2045 €. That’s just about within the budget.

But only because I stopped spending in the last days in San Francisco, did not go out much, and because I saved on accommodation.

Otherwise I would have had another 1000 € of additional spending, at least! San Francisco would have been a very expensive stop, indeed.

I also spent a bit on postage and Visa fees for India, but this comes out of the general itinerary budget.

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