Summer cold

I haven’t been sick much on this trip, besides an initial cold in Rio (triggered by the jet lag, a cold wind and general exhaustion after the move), a cold in Buenos Aires (total exhaustion from going out) and a light one in Auckland. All in all, good score.

Now I came down with a summer cold, partially from the partying and sleep deprivation, but mostly from the damn air conditioning everywhere.

And if it’s not air conditioned, then you’re sitting in a massive blow from a ventilator on a terrace, sweating.

I’m still ok, but my sinuses are blocked that it hurts my teeth when I blow my nose….

And on top of it all I hurt my left foot. The hamstring is swollen (no idea why), and I can’t really walk that much, limping up and down Sheinkin Street for the basics (and some World Cup terrace viewing).

So those past days have been even slower than before, sleeping on the beach, or at home, and basically doing nothing at all besides using the time for further travel planning.

It is going a bit better today, I hope I will be able to still go to the Dead Sea and Yad Vaschem, and see a bit more of Tel Aviv.