One last stop

And here we go, for the last, ultimate stop on this long journey: I am heading to Buenos Aires today, for the last two weeks. I’m in Recoleta again, in my old apartment. Here are the flight details: Flight 44: Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires Date: 07/03/2015 Code: AC092 from SCL to EZE Airline: Air Canada […] Read More

Back to Australia

For the first time in this trip, I have changed my general direction of travel. I am no longer heading West, but backwards East, starting the third and last trip around the globe. Fewer stops this time – only Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brussels. But still a full circle. I figured I had lost two full days […] Read More

On and on and on: Mumbai

One week was definitely too short for Bangkok, and next time I come in winter when the temperatures are lower… Off to Mumbai today, where the temperature reached 36 degrees today… Here are the fight details: Flight 32 to Mumbai Date: 12/11/2014 Code: TG317 from BKK to BOM Airline: Thai Airways Plane: Boeing 777-200 Distance flown: 1885 […] Read More

Polar route

And I am off to my longest flight ever, on this trip, and beyond, beating my previous 14h record for the Frankfurt-Buenos Aires route in 2011. I’ll board a United Airlines Boeing 777 today, to fly 15h35 to Hong Kong, on a polar route that will bring me within some 70 miles of the North […] Read More


If you want to understand Seattle, there’s a couple of names that you will come across everyday, simply because so many people work for them: Starbuck’s. Amazon. Microsoft. Nordstrom. And, of course, Boeing. Until it moved its headquarters to Chicago in 2001, Boeing was the largest company based in Seattle. Though many jobs remained in the area, […] Read More

75825 kilometers

As I really like statistics and numbers, like the longest flight, the plane models etc, I kept track of all that data on my travels. After the first trip around the globe, here are the statistics: In total I travelled 75825 kilometers, which is roughly 1.9 times the circumference of the Earth. This figure includes the flights, the […] Read More

Heading east

It’s time to say good bye, Australia! It’s been fantabulous! I’m flying to New Zealand today. For more adventures! Here are the flight statistics: Flight 16 to Auckland Date: 22/02/2014 Code: ANZ124 from MEL to AKL Airline: Air New Zealand Plane: Boeing 777-300ER Distance flown: 1820 Miles Duration: 2h55 Read More

Aviation guardian angel

When I booked the connection from Santiago to San Francisco via Toronto and Los Angeles, I already had a hunch. This would be tight. You have to factor in delays, the time at immigration and customs, the transfers etc, etc. I had mailed all my itineraries and booking codes to my friend Renato, with whom […] Read More

Off to San Francisco

The next few days will see a lot of traveling. Five flights in total, the first three lead me to San Francisco for a pit stop on my way to Australia, and to meet up with old friends… Here are the stats: Flight 7 to Toronto Date: 25/12/2013 Code: AC93 from SCL to YYZ Airline: Air Canada […] Read More