Excessive Buenos Aires

When I first came to Buenos Aires in 2011 I thought it was pretty cheap. In comparison to Brussels. 2013 was another thing already. Two and a half years of inflation added to the price level. Now, back in 2015, it’s outright expensive, to the point where sometimes it’s excessive, for what you get. As […] Read More


When I walk down Calle Florida, the shopping street in the middle of town with its big and small shops and malls, I feel like a walking Dollar sign. Like parrots, the only words you hear is a constant murmuring and shouting of Cambio! Cambio! Cambio! Cambio! Change! They take any foreign money, preferably Dollars, […] Read More

The SuperPit

We rolled into Kalgoorlie at around 10.30 pm, in the pitch-black night. I had started to have some doubts about a potential gold mine visit – what was there to see in the night? They told us though that the mine was operated around the clock, so I hoped to get an idea of the […] Read More


To understand Perth means understanding the term fifo. You’ll hear and see it over and over again. Fly in, fly out. It’s the way a lot of people in Perth make their money, working in the mines in Western Australia. I met a geologist who works for one of the mines. Nine days in a row, […] Read More

Globally online

Being online is vital for the planning and execution of this trip. It’s less about being able to make local phone calls. The essential thing is a strong 3G signal and a good data package. It’s the first thing I try to get in a country, often at the airport. The phone companies have started […] Read More

Indian Middle Class

Mallory left yesterday morning, which left me with two more days in Delhi on my own. On my list a number of sights to see: temples, graves, government buildings, parks, and a street food tour… And in the end, I guess, I won’t really do much of it. I just don’t have the energy for […] Read More

Underground (and over water)

Istanbul’s public transport system is developing faster than they can print the maps. My books are useless when it comes to the metro/tram system. The otherwise greatly informative and amusing Gebrauchsanweisung Istanbul (Istanbul Manual) published in 2010 lists one (!) metro line in operation…. The maps in several apps for my phone are helplessly out of […] Read More

Phone issues

I have phone issues! And this post is going to be a bit of a rant about efficiency issues in South America. In each country it has been a struggle to get a pre-paid phone chip, or to get it charged. In Brazil, I finally got a pre-paid chip from Claro, which worked pretty well. […] Read More