Excessive Buenos Aires

When I first came to Buenos Aires in 2011 I thought it was pretty cheap. In comparison to Brussels.

2013 was another thing already. Two and a half years of inflation added to the price level.

Now, back in 2015, it’s outright expensive, to the point where sometimes it’s excessive, for what you get.

As I did not travel with any serious amounts of Dollars or Euros, I could not exchange them for a better change rate (the ‘blue’ rate being up to 40% more advantageous than the official one.

Next time, there’s no choice, I won’t pay the official rate!

Here is what I have spent in 2 weeks:

765  €  accommodation
300  €  eating out & drinks
265  €  other expenses (phone, gym membership, etc…)
160  €  supermarkets
110  €  transport
20     €  cultural activities (entry fees, etc…)

All in all, 1620 Euro and therefore way over the projected budget.

Ok, I felt, in the end, it didn’t really matter that much anymore. A hundred Euros more or less, seen on the total budget of this trip, would not make much of a difference.

Still, Argentina, you’ve become excessively expensive. And I don’t want to know where prices will be in a year, or two.