Buenos Aires Spending

I’ve spent 34 days in Buenos Aires – not counting the trip to Montevideo, so this is the biggest budget so far. I am pretty sure though that I forgot some stuff.

I tried to keep track of it all, but it’s impossible to be totally accurate… and I have a little discrepancy to even out the supposed AR$ spending and the Euro amount, but what the heck, what do I know about double bookkeeping…? Nada.

So here’s the overview for Buenos Aires:

1350 € Accommodation
630   € Restaurants & Bars
225   € Supermarkets
200   € Other (Hairdresser, Gym membership, Phone…)
130   € Transport
90     € Culture

In total, 2625 € that I spent during this time… The transport budget seems a bit small, honestly, considering the times I took a cab… on the other side, it’s really cheap…


My Serena apartment was on the expensive side… but worth it. The location was perfect, close to supermarkets, bus lines, the gym and friends. I’d stay there any time….

If all this adds up even roughly, I still stayed considerably under my budget limit. This is promising. As I overspent a little bit in Montevideo, this is totally fine.

By the way, these are the latest inflation figure. Note: for the month of October! Since September!

And this is the official government estimate. Meaning: it’s probably even more, actually.

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