The boy with the red shoes

Today I took the plane home, to Lake Constance. We have a class reunion, 21 years after High School (we didn’t make it last year…) I was looking forward to it – seeing old friend again… some I see every time I’m back at the Lake, some I haven’t seen in what might well be […] Read More

The Best?

Inevitably, the question everybody asks after a trip around the world is: where did you like it best? And it is impossible to answer. I wanted to refuse to answer it. The questions is so… reductive. It tries to narrow down the richness of a month’s experiences in a city, all the things I’ve seen, […] Read More

Three months later

I’m back for three months. At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll keep updating the blog on how I feel, returning… People still ask me about it daily, and I am still really busy sorting out my feelings and memories. I guess this trip has been a life changer. Funnily, even though the preparations were […] Read More


Eight weeks after moving back and starting to unpack, I am still missing things. Nothing vital, apparently, small things. I just wonder where the stuff went…? I have unpacked all boxes or looked them through and stored them again in the basement. Comic boos I don’t need, well packaged Madonna collection stuff, kitchen utensils I […] Read More


We left relatively on time, at around 19h30, and the flight was more or less smooth. Somehow, again, my veggie order was forgotten – but they had yummy pasta, so I was happy (the veggie pasta is often way better than the vegetarian meal, which often is chickpeas….) and the crew was really great. Anyway, it […] Read More


Continuing to be introspective on this cloudy day, I have thought a lot about what I have learned on this trip (blog post writing in progress), but also what has changed. As said yesterday, I can’t really tell. I’m still me. It might be friends who may or may not realize a change, once I am back […] Read More

Mi depto

I really like my little place in Santiago, mi depto, as Chileans say, in short for ‘departemento‘… It is a perfect place to stay, and, in comparison to cities like Melbourne or Tel Aviv, outright cheap. It’s not a one-room studio, but an old, but renovated place, meaning I have a living room and kitchen, […] Read More


The plane ride was smooth, bus and taxi in Melbourne, too, and so I arrived in my new home in Collingwood, at the border to Fitzroy and in walking distance of all my favorite spots, Sircuit, The Peel, Wet… Lisa and Sara greeted me, and so did Action, their cute doggie, jumping up and down […] Read More

Cottesloe Beach

45 degrees. It hits you like a hammer. Thank god it’s a dry heat. I arrived on the hottest day of the year. OK, it’s January, 5th. The hottest day of summer, so far. Thank god for air conditioning. I met my host Kathy, as well as her partner Costa, in their nice apartment in the […] Read More

Cape Town Boys vs. West End Girls

Aaaaand…. here we go, Sven has arrived and I have moved into total luxury. A nice 2 bedroom apartment in Tamboerskloof, a fancy Cape Town neighborhood at the foot of the Lion’s Head, including a balcony with a view over town. It’s something I could NEVER afford on my by now dwindling budget.   We first went […] Read More

Cape Town Jackpot

I realized it the moment I stepped off the airplane and onto the tarmac. The smell: Despite the engines just being turned off, I didn’t smell the expected kerosene…. it was fresh, clean, salty ocean air. No dust. Blue skies. No dust. Bright sunshine, blinding. I hopped in a taxi and the driver got me to […] Read More

My Cape Town home(s)

It was really time to get this booking sorted, after all I’ll arrive in Cape Town in only two weeks time. I found this nice apartment, rented by Thomas, in the historical Bo-Kaap district. I’ll be in walking distance to  the City Centre, De Waterkant, Museums, Cafes & Restaurants…. I’ll stay there for 12 days, then […] Read More