My itinerary (all in one)

The journey is over. Here is an overview of my itinerary, all in one post. First of all, here it is, all in one single map. Zoom in to follow me on my different trips. The dates and links to the cities I lived in are below.   Leg 1 03/10-20/10 Rio de Janeiro 20/10-27/10 Sao Paulo […] Read More

Timing issues

The time rhythm here in South America is different. Everything has its own pace and its own hours, and being late is not necessarily late… I noticed this on my first visit, and I have written about the frustrations that sometimes come with this, when German punctuality and commitment meet a different way of life. […] Read More

My Indian itinerary

It took quite some time to figure out my Indian itinerary. Most of all because there is so much to see, but I haven’t really read anything. As usual I am not interested in India now, I was in Hong Kong, now Bangkok, I just can’t be bothered to read about a future stop. Alas, […] Read More

Taking on India

I feel like the booking of flights and hotels and stuff never stops. Now I am taking on India. This is the country I have most respect for, as I do not know what to expect, except many people and in-your-face experiences… So far, I have secured a hotel for 5 days in Mumbai, in […] Read More

One more time (RTW#3)

It took a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with the three months’ extension I granted myself on this trip. And just when HR mailed me the signed OK for the prolongation  only three days after the expiration of the first sabbatical year (not that I had already booked the flights, anyway…) […] Read More

10 months

At the end of this day, I will be on the road for exactly 10 months. It’s incredible. I am glad I keep this blog. Plus my paper journal, that gets so much more information than would (or should) ever fit into this blog. Plus I have all the pictures of my trip, organized by […] Read More

Chinese visa hassle

For a long time I wasn’t even sure I’d visit China on this trip. I could not make up my mind, but leaving it out of my itinerary seems like the trip would not be complete, after all it’s such an important country, one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. So in the end […] Read More

Introducing Sabine

After another day of rain, I took the tram and metro today to go back to the airport, to wait for my sister. She’ll be here for ten days and we’ll explore the city together. Back home, we decided to stay in for dinner, I whipped up some mac ‘n cheese and a salad. And […] Read More

RTW Part Two

On we go… I had the rough itinerary in my mind for a long time, but it took a couple of intense sessions of playing around with the Star Alliance Round the World App to figure it out… But here it is, the projected itinerary for the second trip around the globe, starting in June […] Read More


If you have the impression that I am doing nothing else in Sydney than preparing the rest of the trip around the world, you are (partially) right. The thing is: I really need to get going and book. I was sometimes too lazy and indecisive to prepare, but it’s really better to do it earlier… […] Read More


Aotearoa – the Māori name for New Zealand, translated: “The land of the long white cloud”. I’m starting to plan the trip around the islands, after my three weeks in Auckland. Here’s my itinerary for the North Island, or Te Ika-a-Māui (“the fish of Maui”). I booked cheap stays in between. Seems there are some hot springs […] Read More

Meeting Meryl

It was a grey, rainy-ish day yesterday in Sydney so I went to the movies to finally see Meryl Streep in August: Osage County. It’s about a family reunion, and Meryl plays a sick pill addict. Prime stuff, like only she can do. It’s creepy, she’s so far out…. just brilliant. It won’t happen now, […] Read More