The Indian Pacific Railway

I have one week in Perth, then I’ll hop on The Indian Pacific Railway and travel two days through the Western Australian Desert, to Adelaide.

I just booked my ticket, 569 Australian Dollars in total – I paid a bit more (current lowest is 329 AUD) to make sure I’ll get a window seat. I mean, what’s the point, otherwise?

Customer Service was really friendly and re-allocated me a seat with a big window, so I can take some pictures on the two-day Journey.

I’ll leave Perth on 11 January around noon, and arrive in Adelaide in the early morning of 13 January.

Two nights and three days via the towns of Cook and Kalgoorlie, a total of 2,659 km.

I might also book one of their excursions in these towns, especially Kalgoorlie, with its gold mining history.

The route also includes the world’s longest straight stretch of railway track, a 478 km  stretch through the Nullarbor Plain, a flat, treeless (from latin: nullus arbor) region in Southern Australia.

Two nights,  in a train chair! That will be something…! I better look out for a good hotel room in Adelaide.

I think I will stay in Adelaide a night or two, maximum, and then might take a car to drive to Melbourne.

I want to arrive there on the evening of the 17th, so I can be there for the start of Midsumma 2015 the morning after.

I can’t believe I did this. I’ll be going back to Australia!

I’ll be back in Melbourne!!!