Perth murals

And a look back at Perth, where I discovered a great number of beautiful murals, in side streets, back alleys and parking lots. These are to be found in Wolf lane, a tiny back alley close to my home in the CDB, that’s not only great for this art, but for the various cool coffee […] Read More


To understand Perth means understanding the term fifo. You’ll hear and see it over and over again. Fly in, fly out. It’s the way a lot of people in Perth make their money, working in the mines in Western Australia. I met a geologist who works for one of the mines. Nine days in a row, […] Read More

Through the wilderness

Moving on again. Perth was much too short. And I spent too much time at the beach… I’m off for a two-day, 2659 km journey through Western and South Australia, to Adelaide. Leaving Perth on Sunday at noon, I’ll arrive two nights later around 7am in Adelaide. I’m curious. I should have a window seat, […] Read More

Aussie budget estimate

After only a few days in Perth I can legitimately say: ouch. I’m spending way too much per day. Even if I don’t consider the phone chips that cost a lot on the first day, the taxi from the airport, as well as the few things I needed for my two-day train trip, I’m way […] Read More

Summer in Perth

I feel my stay in Perth will be a lazy one. Very lazy. I met up with Clint the other day and we basically just walked from café to bar to café. It was great to catch up. He moved to Perth from Auckland some six month ago, and just found a new job in […] Read More

Cottesloe Beach

45 degrees. It hits you like a hammer. Thank god it’s a dry heat. I arrived on the hottest day of the year. OK, it’s January, 5th. The hottest day of summer, so far. Thank god for air conditioning. I met my host Kathy, as well as her partner Costa, in their nice apartment in the […] Read More

Indian Ocean

I was a bit afraid of taking that long over-water flight from Dubai to Perth. It’s 99% over water, at night, and if I am scared of something in the world than that would be it. Not only with recent stories of planes disappearing and crashing over water… oh hell, yeah, exactly that! I just […] Read More

Back to Australia

For the first time in this trip, I have changed my general direction of travel. I am no longer heading West, but backwards East, starting the third and last trip around the globe. Fewer stops this time – only Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brussels. But still a full circle. I figured I had lost two full days […] Read More

The Indian Pacific Railway

I have one week in Perth, then I’ll hop on The Indian Pacific Railway and travel two days through the Western Australian Desert, to Adelaide. I just booked my ticket, 569 Australian Dollars in total – I paid a bit more (current lowest is 329 AUD) to make sure I’ll get a window seat. I mean, […] Read More


After the month in Cape Town, the initial end point of my journey, I’ll board an Emirates’ flight to Dubai and on to Perth, the capital of Western Australia. I was really curious to see the other side of the Australian continent, of which I have only seen tiny specs in the south-eastern corner. Time […] Read More