Australian budget (Part II)

And here we go again – the details of my spending in Australia, easily the most expensive country on this trip.

As feared, I overspend by far – I think I had one single day where I was under my threshold. And often way way beyond. Somehow though I also did not care that much anymore.

I will run into a bit of debt at the end, and it’s ok. My sister has graciously transferred some money on my account – before I could even ask her, and that keeps me afloat for a while.

So here are the details:

2145  €  accommodation
1700  €  eating out & drinks
355    €  cultural activities (entry fees, etc…)
255    €  other expenses (phone, hair dresser, etc…)
210    €  transport
150    €  supermarkets

This all comes down to 4815 € for 45 days and hence way over budget.

I have to add another 810 € for itinerary costs, e.g. the train tickets, flight, rental car and gas.

Let’s just say it’s a disaster – but it was worth it.