Aussie budget estimate

After only a few days in Perth I can legitimately say: ouch.

I’m spending way too much per day.

Even if I don’t consider the phone chips that cost a lot on the first day, the taxi from the airport, as well as the few things I needed for my two-day train trip, I’m way over any sustainable budget.

I got a small latte, a muffin and an a mind croissant this morning. For some 12$50. Hello? Once I’m in Melbourne I have to do breakfast at home…

Drinks are also ridiculously expensive. 17$ for a Mojito, 13$ for a big glass of a local red wine…

14$ for some fried noodles and a Sprite… in a Chinese take-out. Are you serious. Ok, I’ve just been to India and South Africa, but hey!

I’ll need to make a quick check up on my finances. Credit cards, accounts, savings, and then see the projected spending.

I still need to pay both the accommodation in Santiago and Buenos Aires.

I know after that there’s not much left, and once that is spent I’ll go into debt, use my credit card limits or ask my sister for a short term loan…

But ok. Come April 15h, I’ll have my salary again. I’m waiting for HR to contact me…

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