Cheap India

India was cheap, as expected and hoped.

I did not spend that much on accommodation for three weeks, especially considering I stayed in hotels. But even those were cheap.

I think I could have spent a bit more, for a little bit of luxury.

The nights in the Radisson were essentially free, but I used 36000 of my points for that.

Other than that: everything pretty cheap. Eating good nearly cost nothing, and even when I splurged it hardly scratched the 10 Euro mark.

So here are the expenses in detail:

550     €  accommodation
290     €  eating out & drinks
80        €  transport
50        €  cultural activities (entry fees, etc…)
50        €  other expenses (phone, massages, etc…)
15        €  supermarkets

All in all, a mere 1035 Euro. The cheapest so far. At the end of the trip I’ll make a country-by-country comparison, calculated on the days I have spent there, to find out which place was the most expensive, and the cheapest.

I am way under budget. But even if I would add to that the 360 Euro I spend on itinerary costs (basically the internal flights, train and bus tickets) I still come in considerably under my projected spending.

Well, after Hong Kong this is very much necessary.

However, I nearly forgot, I have to add the 205 Euro it cost to get that visa glued into my passport, including the non-refunded fees in San Francisco, the fees in Berlin and fedex-ing my passport back and forth over the continents…

All to learn that India has finally announced it’s new Visa-on-arrival policy, no more consulate visits necessary, for a mere 60$. Now.

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