We left Reno this morning for the final 219 miles back home. As Labor Day was over, the drive was smooth and quick and we arrived at the Bay at around 1 pm.

Over at Tim&Tom’s Duboce apartment, we unloaded the U-haul quickly and stashed everything neatly into their garage, waiting for the cleaning on the following weekend.

And got all dusty again in the process. It’s not that we had missed the playa dust that much.

Then we all went south to San Carlos to unload the remaining stuff, mostly the tree house, at Craig’s apartment and cleaned out the U-haul.

Finally at around 7 pm, I was home at Renato’s place. I have to say I was knackered.

It’s been an amazing time though, with a great camp, and I’ll miss my playa camp guys!

Back home a Renato&Dennis’ home in Balboa Park, I met Vitor, my old friend from Brussels who had arrived last week in San Francisco and who will stay here till the end of the week.

We ate dinner and exchanged the news. I had last seen Vitor about 11 months ago when we said good-bye in Brussels. We’ll spend the next couple of days in San Francisco together.

Meanwhile, my clothes had a first rinsing in the washing machine with vinegar – in order to neutralize the alkali playa dust, and is now happily spinning in a full washing cycle… I can’t wait to get rid of the dust everywhere.

ZinfandelIt was time for a well deserved glass of my favorite: a California Zinfandel. Cheers.

I realized that I have lost my little Burning Man necklace. It was made by a girl who came to our Nooner Colada event on Wednesday, and contained a small Burning Man figurine.

I’m sad I lost it, I wanted to wear it for the rest of the trip.

But Burning Man is over, and it is an ephemeral event.

Black Rock City has vanished, and so has my little man in the necklace.

I’ll have to let it go.

2 thoughts on “Unloaded

  1. Chris, you are a wonderful campmate and I hope you can join again! There are many more necklaces to discover 🙂

    PS your RSS feed is working perfectly!

    • It does? I never got it to work for myself 😉
      Thank you, you guys were a wonderful camp to go with! I hope I can join in again!!!

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