Up the coast

Final, final, final bookings are being made on this trip. I only have to book a place in Canberra and that! is! it!

I decided to leave Melbourne on Saturday 14th, exactly one month after arriving, and take four days to drive up the coast to Sydney.

I was tempted to cancel it and stay a bit longer and just catch a flight. I am so adverse to living out of a suitcase by now, it’s crazy.

But then the trip is supposed to be beautiful and I get some breathing space and quiet.

I’ll first stop at Lake Entrance, along the Victoria coast, maybe visiting an old Gold mining town along the way.

And I seriously hope to see some live Kangaroos, finally, not only remembering the road kill on the Great Ocean Road last year!

I simply refuse to go see them in a zoo here down under. I have limits!

Aussie Coastal trip

The next day’s drive will bring me to Eden, in New South Wales, and from there I’ll drive up to Canberra, spending a day in Australia’s capital, visiting its museums.

Then, after some 1150 kilometers, I’ll drive into Sydney for one last night there.

I’ll be seeing my friend Angus, and Henri, who was my airbnb host in Hong Kong, and hopefully my friend Glenn, a fellow Madonna fan with whom I’ve been in contact ever since internet exists…

Then my flight awaits me, to Santiago….