I spent two hours in the Lufthansa lounge, getting breakfast, then a soup, and, above all, taking a shower after the long flight.

Together with the business class check-in, there are the best perks of being a Frequent Traveller. And of course, using the miles for the Round-the-world-ticket!

IMG_0728The last flight to Brussels was really just a 45 minute hop. There, finally, I was a bit nostalgic.

If you looked closely you would have seen some watery eyes. I didn’t cry, but I listened to some of my favorite songs that have accompanied me on this trip and, yeah, took a couple of deep breaths.

It was weird coming back into Brussels. All too familiar, as if I’d been there yesterday.

I only realized in retrospect, but I just did everything automatically, getting my luggage, Euros from the ATM, to the train station, buying my ticket, off to the train to Brussels Central station, off to the taxis…

You know, the way you do things unconsciously, turning left and right without looking, thoughts somewhere else. It’s a new feeling to me, because in the last 18 months I mostly had to look carefully where I went….

As the taxi pulled into rue de Londres, Sven and Kevin were waiting for me. I got the keys to the house and a quick tour of the facilities. It’s a great place, and much bigger than I had remembered.

My boxes were already there, or down in the basement. Gee, I have too much stuff, I thought.

Kev had to head off, but Seven took me to a first round at Fontainas Café, the place in Brussels I consider home most.

IMG_0732Again, eerie to be back, sitting there, talking, watching, drinking their Moroccan mint tea and eating the grilled veggie sandwich again.

I didn’t feel anything, not being sad or melancholic as in the plane, not excited, not exhausted.

It was rather as if I looked at myself and the scene from outside, observing me and everything around, like I would in a movie.

But I was not actually in it.

Back home at 8, I started working. I was still fit, and my work stood all around me. I started with my clothes, getting them out of the suitcases, and then opened the first box.