Back in Brussels, I have spent the first few days carrying boxes around. Bringing stuff up from the basement, bringing stuff down to the basement, going through all boxes, checking what I would need and what could potentially stay in the basement for another couple of months…. Brussels weather was at it’s best for such […] Read More


I spent two hours in the Lufthansa lounge, getting breakfast, then a soup, and, above all, taking a shower after the long flight. Together with the business class check-in, there are the best perks of being a Frequent Traveller. And of course, using the miles for the Round-the-world-ticket! The last flight to Brussels was really […] Read More

Meanwhile, in Brussels…

… Sven has arranged for my move! It happened today, and my 48 boxes, suitcases, kitchen table, CD racks, pictures and frames were moved quietly out of his garage and into my new apartment in rue de Londres. When I arrive on Monday, I’ll get the keys, and my things will be in my new […] Read More

Thank you Tenbosch

It’s done. My old place is finally empty and clean. Les Petits Riens came today and took my remaining furniture and stuff, the cleaning lady gave a final polish and I dumped the last of roughly a dozen bags of trash today. I was getting a bit nostalgic in the end. It was a nice […] Read More

Moving out, and on

Finally, the day of the move. I was really nervous beforehand. Thank God I took Friday off, I would never have made it otherwise. The wrapping and sorting and packing took more time than I thought, but it all went well, and on Saturday morning, when my moving company showed up, I was ready. It […] Read More

D-6 before my move

Ok, I’m starting to get stressed… It’s 6 days before my move, and even though I’d say 95% is packed and boxed, I’m starting to stress out… The to-do-list in my head is so long, I don’t know where to start… I’ll move on Saturday 21 September, bringing my couch and a few other things […] Read More

Me and the 40 boxes

My good friend Sven offered me to store 40 boxes in his garage basement. Something I’m really thankful for! Since I started packing a couple of weeks back, the 40-boxes-limit has been a fixture in my life. Countless times I have estimated and extrapolated my belongings… will I make the 40 boxes? With each box […] Read More