Moving out, and on

Finally, the day of the move. I was really nervous beforehand. Thank God I took Friday off, I would never have made it otherwise.

The wrapping and sorting and packing took more time than I thought, but it all went well, and on Saturday morning, when my moving company showed up, I was ready.

It all went smooth, it took them about 90 minutes to get all stuff down with the lift (if you need one: Economic Lift).

Still, seeing those 48 boxes in one big lot in my bedroom, waiting to be hauled down, I had a bit of a shock. I still had THAT MUCH STUFF. Hadn’t I been sorting and throwing out stuff and donating things?

I immediately wanted to open boxes again and get down to the dirty business… no mercy… but it was too late for that so I could only watch as, five boxes at a time, they were moving down and into the van. Some of them that heavy with books I’m sure they will not make another move…

By 9.30 we were on to my friend Fred’s place, who bought my sofa, and some other small stuff, we all brought it into his garage where my mega monster couch will wait for his new place to be finished….and then on to Overijse.

My friend Sue drove me over, the van following, and we quickly filled Sven’s garage with the remaining stuff. It made a neat cubicle of maybe 2 by 4 meters… or maybe 5?… and about my height… so maybe around 20 cubic meters.

Wow. On top and on the sides, the CD racks, the table, and my picture frames…

It is kind of weird to leave all that stuff behind. But also liberating. When you travel, you can always come back to your bed… I have none left.

Sven had prepared a nice breakfast for us, some other friends showed up and so we had a nice break, before going back and continuing the clean up, getting the mattress to Sue, etc…

It was a long day, and I have to say I am really, really tired.