Eight weeks after moving back and starting to unpack, I am still missing things. Nothing vital, apparently, small things. I just wonder where the stuff went…? I have unpacked all boxes or looked them through and stored them again in the basement. Comic boos I don’t need, well packaged Madonna collection stuff, kitchen utensils I […] Read More


Back in Brussels, I have spent the first few days carrying boxes around. Bringing stuff up from the basement, bringing stuff down to the basement, going through all boxes, checking what I would need and what could potentially stay in the basement for another couple of months…. Brussels weather was at it’s best for such […] Read More

Moving out, and on

Finally, the day of the move. I was really nervous beforehand. Thank God I took Friday off, I would never have made it otherwise. The wrapping and sorting and packing took more time than I thought, but it all went well, and on Saturday morning, when my moving company showed up, I was ready. It […] Read More

D-6 before my move

Ok, I’m starting to get stressed… It’s 6 days before my move, and even though I’d say 95% is packed and boxed, I’m starting to stress out… The to-do-list in my head is so long, I don’t know where to start… I’ll move on Saturday 21 September, bringing my couch and a few other things […] Read More

Me and the 40 boxes

My good friend Sven offered me to store 40 boxes in his garage basement. Something I’m really thankful for! Since I started packing a couple of weeks back, the 40-boxes-limit has been a fixture in my life. Countless times I have estimated and extrapolated my belongings… will I make the 40 boxes? With each box […] Read More