Me and the 40 boxes

My good friend Sven offered me to store 40 boxes in his garage basement. Something I’m really thankful for!

Since I started packing a couple of weeks back, the 40-boxes-limit has been a fixture in my life. Countless times I have estimated and extrapolated my belongings… will I make the 40 boxes?

With each box filled – and it goes so much faster than you think – I started to freak out more. And got more and more radical in sorting stuff, donating and pushing it onto friends who could not refuse 😉

I counted: my CD’s, DVDs and all my Madonna collection (promos, stand-ups, VHS, Cassette singles, 12″ records, books and magazines…) make up 20 boxes.

Half my possessions.

Boxes 2

So here’s an overview, with Mr Spock keeping an ear on things.