Hello Africa! This afternoon I start my 3-leg trip into Africa, the last continent I haven’t visited (Ok, besides Antarctica).

I’ll spend the last morning in Delhi, and then take a flight to Mumbai, and after a short stop-over fly all night on to Johannesburg, then hop on another flight to Cape Town wehere I’ll arrive just before noon on the 4th.

I’m always a bit weary to organize these log chain flights with different airlines, but it’ll all work out.

Here are the details:

Flight 36: Delhi to Mumbai

2014-12-03 DEL-BOM

Date: 03/12/2014
Code: AI659 DEL to BOM 
Airline: Air India
Plane: Airbus 321
Distance flown: 708 Miles
Duration: 2h10

Flight 37: Mumbai to Johannesburg

2014-12-04 BOM-JNB

Date: 04/12/2014
Code: SAA285 BOM to JNB 
Airline: South African Airways
Plane: Airbus 330-200
Distance flown: 4627 Miles
Duration: 8h32

Flight 38: Johannesburg to Cape Town

2014-12-04 JNB-CPT

Date: 04/12/2014
Code: SAA317 JNB to CPT 
Airline: South African Airways
Plane: Boeing 737-800
Distance flown: 791 Miles
Duration: 1h49

The flights were good and uneventful. A bit of turbulence over the Indian Ocean, as announced by the Captain, but nothing too bad. I even managed to shut half my brain off and nearly sleep…

All connections and immigration in South Africa also worked well, no forms, no visa, no declarations… all smooth sailing.DSC_7251b