48792 km

And here are the travel statistics for round 3 of my journey.In total, I made another 48792 kilometers. This was the shortest and quickest round, lasting a mere 80 days! Here are the statistics for round 1 and round 2. Technically it was not a full circle, as I did not return to Cape Town, but Brussels being pretty […] Read More


Hello Africa! This afternoon I start my 3-leg trip into Africa, the last continent I haven’t visited (Ok, besides Antarctica). I’ll spend the last morning in Delhi, and then take a flight to Mumbai, and after a short stop-over fly all night on to Johannesburg, then hop on another flight to Cape Town wehere I’ll […] Read More

One more time (RTW#3)

It took a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with the three months’ extension I granted myself on this trip. And just when HR mailed me the signed OK for the prolongation  only three days after the expiration of the first sabbatical year (not that I had already booked the flights, anyway…) […] Read More

Off to Mexico City

On and on and on and on…. I’m off to Mexico City tonight. It’s an overnight flight, I leave just after 11 and arrive at 5.30 in the morning – jumping two hours back in the process. I’ll be picked up at the airport, meet my Airbnb hosts , and then probably sleep in. Here […] Read More


If you want to understand Seattle, there’s a couple of names that you will come across everyday, simply because so many people work for them: Starbuck’s. Amazon. Microsoft. Nordstrom. And, of course, Boeing. Until it moved its headquarters to Chicago in 2001, Boeing was the largest company based in Seattle. Though many jobs remained in the area, […] Read More

West Coast

Time is up for Montréal, I’m off to Seattle and Vancouver. The flights were good, but I have to seriously question Air Canada’s check-in procedures… tons of people, two counters open, only one person at the Business check-in, only one person at a baggage drop. After checking-in online you still need to go to a machine […] Read More

Heading west

My time in the Middle East is already up. Today I fly back to Zurich, with a short stop over in Istanbul, and then tomorrow on to Montréal. Here are the stats: Flight 22 to Istanbul Date: 24/06/2014 Code: THY795 from IST to TLV Airline: Turkish Airlines Plane: Airbus 321-200 Distance flown: 775 Miles Duration: 1h50 […] Read More

75825 kilometers

As I really like statistics and numbers, like the longest flight, the plane models etc, I kept track of all that data on my travels. After the first trip around the globe, here are the statistics: In total I travelled 75825 kilometers, which is roughly 1.9 times the circumference of the Earth. This figure includes the flights, the […] Read More

Full circle

Today, I am boarding my last flight of my first Round-the-world ticket, flying from Tokyo-Narita back to Zurich, where it all started 6 months and 26 days ago. I’ll have a short technical stop at Lake Constance, seeing my family and a few friends there, washing, changing clothes and dropping some superfluous weight before heading […] Read More


I had a great seat with extra legroom and a window… not for free, Air New Zealand makes you pay for that privilege, but I thought for an 11 hour flight, that’s worth it… The flight was good, even though we had to wear the seatbelt a lot flying through some ultra-high and grey clouds. […] Read More

24h plane travel

I always found this animation fascinating. It depicts the various planes during a 24h cycle. You can see the massive transatlantic traffic, the line from South America over to their former mother countries, the enormous air traffic in the United States… I’ll be one one of these soon again!   Read More

RTW #2

I booked my second RTW ticket. I’ve been on and off the phone and Skype with the Lufthansa Round-the-world desk in Frankfurt in the past couple of days. It took a bit longer this time, but they’ve been super helpful as ever. It took more time, especially deciding where I wanted to go in Asia, […] Read More