48792 km

And here are the travel statistics for round 3 of my journey.In total, I made another 48792 kilometers.

This was the shortest and quickest round, lasting a mere 80 days! Here are the statistics for round 1 and round 2.

Technically it was not a full circle, as I did not return to Cape Town, but Brussels being pretty much on the same longitude, I just count it as another circumvention.

Here’s the breakdown, I traveled:

  • 44889 km in the air or
  • 47 hours
  • 2659 km by train, through the Western Australian desert
  • 1244 km by car from Melbourne to Sydney
  • taking only 8 flights this time
  • on 7 Boeing and 1 Airbus
  • leaving 13,91 tons of Co2 in the atmosphere
  • visiting only 4 countries
  • staying overnight in 11 different places (friend’s places, airbnb’s, hotels….)

My favorite plane would be Boeing’s 777, with three flights. It looks pretty even as for the airlines I flew most with: Emirates, Lufthansa and Qantas all had two flights.

I’m spending these days calculating a lot of statistics, so I’ll soon publish the full stats, and then all my spending.

Stay tuned.