Paris Air Show

I have a weird relationship with planes and flying in general. On the one hand I am fascinated by it. The technology, the sheer power behind a plane weighing a few hundred tons to lift off and carry me safely around the globe…. Then again I am afraid of it. Sitting in a plane, and […] Read More

Let it go – the figures

And this is what my journey looks like if you break it down into figures and statistics: In figures, I was… travelling a total of 185.608 km flying 105.991 miles (or 170.576 km) by plane taking 55.000 pictures driving 9.195 km by car or bus riding 5.280 km by train sailing 557 km by ferry and […] Read More

48792 km

And here are the travel statistics for round 3 of my journey.In total, I made another 48792 kilometers. This was the shortest and quickest round, lasting a mere 80 days! Here are the statistics for round 1 and round 2. Technically it was not a full circle, as I did not return to Cape Town, but Brussels being pretty […] Read More

Final flights

This is it, I am about to board my last final flights, from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt and on to Brussels. Due to the strike, my departure is delayed by two hours, but I’m glad they could re-schedule the flight with only this minimal delay. I will miss my initial flight into Brussels, but have already […] Read More


Hello Africa! This afternoon I start my 3-leg trip into Africa, the last continent I haven’t visited (Ok, besides Antarctica). I’ll spend the last morning in Delhi, and then take a flight to Mumbai, and after a short stop-over fly all night on to Johannesburg, then hop on another flight to Cape Town wehere I’ll […] Read More

Moving on to Khajuraho

After five days in intense and colorful Varanasi, I travel on to the more quiet Khajuraho, home to a number of Jain temples with erotic carvings. It’s going to be two short hops, on the same plane with a short stop in Agra. I guess we can even stay in the plane. Here are the […] Read More


Mid-october already… Which means: I’m heading to Asia. But first, a short stop-over in Chicago, for technical reasons. On paper, I could have made the connection from Mexico on to the United flight to Hong Kong in Chicago. But with only 1h25 in between flights, it seemed too tight. Anyone who has waited ages at US immigration […] Read More

Museum of flight

Or, as it should be called more appropriately: the American Museum of flight, or the Boeing Museum of flight. Either way, it’s a great place to visit on a rainy day in Seattle, just a 20 minute drive south. The main attraction to me was, of course, the famous Concorde. It’s one of only three in North America. […] Read More

West Coast

Time is up for Montréal, I’m off to Seattle and Vancouver. The flights were good, but I have to seriously question Air Canada’s check-in procedures… tons of people, two counters open, only one person at the Business check-in, only one person at a baggage drop. After checking-in online you still need to go to a machine […] Read More

On to Montréal

And another flight, hopping over the North Atlantic, heading for Montreal. I have a direct flight with Swiss, one of my favorite airlines. I’ll arrive in Montreal in mid-afternoon. Here are the stats: Flight 24 to Montréal Date: 25/06/2014 Code: LX86 from ZRH to YUL Airline: Swiss International Airlines Plane: Airbus 330-300 Distance flown: 4560 Miles Duration: 8h05 Read More


Another city coming up, I feel like time speeds up more and more… I’m off to Tel Aviv now. Here are the stats: Flight 21 to Tel Aviv Date: 28/05/2014 Code: THY788 from IST to TLV Airline: Turkish Airlines Plane: Airbus 343 Distance flown: 800 Miles Duration: 1h40 We had a bit of delay, as a passenger […] Read More