Proud days

TLV prides itself to host the biggest pride event in the middle east, and rightly so. Not only the march is impressive, but also the number of events happening the the days and weeks around it, from the TLVFest to endless parties.

Sven picked the right time for his visit. What a coincidence…! We started out in Meir Park close to my place, where the crowds gathered, and then walked ahead of the parade, sometimes being overtaken by some floats, with over 100 000 people.

Many parties were hold in the houses along the route,with people spraying water from the balconies onto the hot crowds… some actually literally hosing them down. Perfect relief on a hot day!

The parade ended at the beach, but it was blistering hot, so we took a break at Sven’s hotel and had a rest at Hilton beach, normally packed with people but today deserted and nicely quiet.

In the late afternoon over to the main Beach party. We were a bit too late and missed out on Israeli star and Eurovision winner Dana International. But we still hopped along to some house music in the sun. With Shabbat looming, the music stopped surprisingly early.


On to the next stop, an Irish Pub on Rothschild Boulevard where we got some beers, and ran into friends from Brussels. Small world, again. In the night we had tickets for two parties, the main pride event and another party.

We arrived early, as all friends had warned me to avoid the long queues to get in, but we were too early and they hadn’t even opened yet. The club was nice, and quickly filled up once we were let in.

However, I’m just not into the eternal same-same of house, where I can’t tell what I am actually hopping to, so after an hour or two we left and walked over to the Central bus station, where our second event took place.

This was a different affair altogether. While the first party was pretty much packed with mostly visitors from Europe, tourists that were here for pride, in the ever same clone outfit, the second place, Dreck, was packed with the locals.

The music style in the main room was pretty unidentifiable, oscillating from US hip hop, R’n’b, Israeli pop and house. But fun it was and we danced until 4 in the morning…

If only they would ban smoking completely, I’d have visited the second area too, where they played some cool electro stuff. But the air was so thick in there, no ventilation system stood a chance against it….

All in all, a great weekend. I fell asleep at a quarter to six in the morning. Welcome to the dawn.