Returning to Santiago was a great idea. I really would not have any energy for a new country or city.

Here, everything is smooth, even if I stumble. I reactivated my bip!-card for the metro – as If I had known I would come back, I had indadvertedly carried it along for the whole trip.

On Friday night I met up with Ignacio and Hannah again, and had pizza and Aperol Spritz in Providencia, till we went back to Hannah’s place, where, bit by bit, more friends arrived….

In the end, there were 12 of us, and at one point, house management called, to keep it down, please.

I left at around two, and walked home, but couldn’t sleep, feeling hungry. I have a few things in my fridge now, but then I am not a fully equipped household here… so what to do at a quarter to 4 in the morning?

Thank god I know the city – I just passed Parque Forestal, remembering the old guy with his Empanadas stand on the bridge over the Mapocho, just at the entry to Bellavista. Problem solved. I felt very Santiaguino in that moment.

The next day saw me sleeping in and then wandering around Bellas Artes – I finally visited the fine Museum – and the Lastarria district with its many cafés and restaurants.

I met up with Jonathan again, a graphic designer I had met on my first visit, for a nice German-Chilean beer, called Tübinger. Incidentally, a town only a few miles from my home town.

At night, I strolled through Bellavista and hung out in a few of its bars, for beers… I came home at around 4, and fell asleep at 5.

I think I am officially over the jetlag – these are totally acceptable Chilean hours.