I arrived in the early evening, and transfer into town was smooth, thanks to their light rail train that connects the city to its airport! A few minutes in a taxi uphill and I was on Capitol Hill, meeting my host Lilly.

She’s a warm, welcoming woman who quickly showed me the house and the basics. I have a nice room, with a big comfy bed, and I’m one block from Broadway, Seattle’s main mile on Capitol Hill, and only a few minutes by foot from the Pike/Pine bars.

I went to a supermarket for some of the basics and then went into one of the bars I remembered from my visit in 2010, for a little downtime.

By now it feels so natural and easy to travel, a six-hour transcontinental flight does not put me off much – and I went to bed so late in Montréal, I did not feel the time difference, anyway.

I slept heavenly on the big bed, woke up around 9, then strolled through the neighborhood in search for a coffee place I remembered vaguely from the last visits.

But Seattle changes fast, like many American cities, and the place that I remember passing last September with my Dad and my sister seems to have gone. I think. There’s a huge construction site now… ever evolving cities…

I did the usual in a new city: groceries, updated the blog, got a new phone chip and data plan, and now I’m hanging out in another café. It’s cold outside: it rained yesterday, and it won’t be much better today.

It will clear up for the weekend, in time for the Capitol Hill Block Party! Until then, I’m actually ok with a bit of reading, and quiet. I’m having the usual post-city-blues, when I left a city when I actually just wanted to stay on. But I know, this will pass.

Tonight I’m having dinner with Daniel, a Seattleite whom I met in 2010, and have met a few times around the globe, as he’s a massive traveller, always on the run and appearing in the most bizarre places. He wants to see all the countries and territories in the world. I am curious what he tells me about his latest trips.