Paris Air Show

I have a weird relationship with planes and flying in general. On the one hand I am fascinated by it. The technology, the sheer power behind a plane weighing a few hundred tons to lift off and carry me safely around the globe…. Then again I am afraid of it. Sitting in a plane, and […] Read More

Ticket panic

I got up at 5.45 in the morning, in time for the pre-sale of Madonna tickets in a couple of European cities. Ticket panic! As usual, the first day of a pre-sale went horribly wrong. Links that were supposed to work at a certain time were not activated yet, and fans were in panic… until […] Read More

My next project

Here is my next project, for when I return to the real world and join the ranks of the working population again: Madonna’s Rebel Heart World Tour. The announcement came a bit early – I had hoped I had more time to save money – and the pre-sale for some shows start tomorrow, so I […] Read More

Cape Town Boys vs. West End Girls

Aaaaand…. here we go, Sven has arrived and I have moved into total luxury. A nice 2 bedroom apartment in Tamboerskloof, a fancy Cape Town neighborhood at the foot of the Lion’s Head, including a balcony with a view over town. It’s something I could NEVER afford on my by now dwindling budget.   We first went […] Read More

Cabaret La Perla

Jimena took me to one of these pars that you will never find by yourself as a tourist… even if mentioned in a guide book, you’ll probably overlook it and not put it on your list. That’s why I love slow traveling and meeting the locals. They bring you to the spots! La Perla is […] Read More

GaGa’s ArtRAVE

I’m a huge Madonna fan. 52 shows and counting. So when Lady GaGa is in town, I have to go, just to compare notes. I loved her first album, and then some songs of the following ones, but I got less involved… I guess it’s a problem of over-exposure. Honestly, what can you still expect […] Read More

Fleet week

The boys and girls of the Navy and the Marines are in town. Seattle, being an important port, is brimming with Sailors in uniform and the bars are exploding… They voluntarily pose with anyone in the bars, streets, and I’m sure a good percentage got laid last night. If not, second chance tonight… With that […] Read More

Jay Brannan

I first saw Jay Brannan in one of my favorite movies ever: Shortbus. A movie, foremost about sex, but, if you look deeper, about humanity. Since then he has made a remarkable career, with other movies, but foremost with his singing! I have missed his shows in Europe, often just by a day, as I was […] Read More

Juste pour rire

And another festival has just started in Montreal. This time, its about laughter. Juste pour rire is an international comedy festival that brings brings together hundreds of acts in Montreal for a two-week run. I had a bit of a lazy and slow day, as I caught some stomach bug or had eaten something bad, […] Read More

Fireworks over Saint-Laurent

Another event, twice a week, over the Saint-Laurent river: The Montreal fireworks competition, L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. I finally made it to the river and watched it from the Village Éphémère again. Until the start of August, six teams from around the world compete for the Jupiter trophy with a 30-minute show. Founded in 1985, the Montreal Fireworks […] Read More

Like a Rolling Stone

There are some things in life that are just on everyone’s bucket list – or should be. And attending a concert by the Rolling Stones would be one of those things, at least for me. I have already missed out on Michael Jackson, and those guys aren’t getting younger, so you better go while you […] Read More

Everything I know…

…I learnt from Madonna! I went to a Midsumma event last night, a one-man show by a fellow Madonna fan, obviously, who wrote and acted in a play about his life, work, lovers, and told the story through a number of quotations taken from Madonna’s extensive song catalogue. It was funny, sad, touching…. The Queen […] Read More