On and on and on: Mumbai

One week was definitely too short for Bangkok, and next time I come in winter when the temperatures are lower… Off to Mumbai today, where the temperature reached 36 degrees today… Here are the fight details: Flight 32 to Mumbai Date: 12/11/2014 Code: TG317 from BKK to BOM Airline: Thai Airways Plane: Boeing 777-200 Distance flown: 1885 […] Read More

My Indian itinerary

It took quite some time to figure out my Indian itinerary. Most of all because there is so much to see, but I haven’t really read anything. As usual I am not interested in India now, I was in Hong Kong, now Bangkok, I just can’t be bothered to read about a future stop. Alas, […] Read More

Next stop: Bangkok

What can I say? Here I go again, the next stop: Bangkok! Flight 31 to Bangkok Date: 5/11/2014 Code: TG601 from HKG to BKK Airline: Thai Airways Plane: Boeing 747-400 Distance flown: 1115 Miles Duration: 2h21 Flew in a 747 again. They’re getting rare as most of them get decommissioned and replaced by newer planes. They are fun. Loud, […] Read More

Taking on India

I feel like the booking of flights and hotels and stuff never stops. Now I am taking on India. This is the country I have most respect for, as I do not know what to expect, except many people and in-your-face experiences… So far, I have secured a hotel for 5 days in Mumbai, in […] Read More

The cost of Non-China

So, Will has cancelled all the bookings. He will go up north to inspect a factory they work with, but basically only a day trip. We came out of this non-Visa situation relatively ok. We only had to pay: – 240 RMB to cancel the train tickets – 82 USD for my room (first night plus […] Read More

Stuck in HK

I have spent the past days trying to assemble everything for the visa application to China. If you followed the story for India, or lived through it with me like Renato did in SF, you know this stuff makes me lose patience quickly. Different instructions on websites, unclear procedures, all for a paranoid government protecting… […] Read More

Polar route

And I am off to my longest flight ever, on this trip, and beyond, beating my previous 14h record for the Frankfurt-Buenos Aires route in 2011. I’ll board a United Airlines Boeing 777 today, to fly 15h35 to Hong Kong, on a polar route that will bring me within some 70 miles of the North […] Read More

The Heisenberg principle

In quantum physics, the Heisenberg principle describes the impossibility to measure both the speed and the place of any particle precisely. The more precise you are on its speed, the less precise you can say where the particle actually is. And vice versa. I discovered today that this also applies to me. My own private […] Read More


Mid-october already… Which means: I’m heading to Asia. But first, a short stop-over in Chicago, for technical reasons. On paper, I could have made the connection from Mexico on to the United flight to Hong Kong in Chicago. But with only 1h25 in between flights, it seemed too tight. Anyone who has waited ages at US immigration […] Read More

One more time (RTW#3)

It took a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with the three months’ extension I granted myself on this trip. And just when HR mailed me the signed OK for the prolongation  only three days after the expiration of the first sabbatical year (not that I had already booked the flights, anyway…) […] Read More


I nearly forgot it, after all. Today is the first anniversary, I left one year ago on my first flight, to Rio. 365 days since then, visiting 12 countries, taking 28 flights,  flying 100.000 kilometers, sleeping in 42 different hotels, airbnb’s and at friend’s homes, meeting dozens of new people and friends, spending a good […] Read More