Up the coast

Final, final, final bookings are being made on this trip. I only have to book a place in Canberra and that! is! it! I decided to leave Melbourne on Saturday 14th, exactly one month after arriving, and take four days to drive up the coast to Sydney. I was tempted to cancel it and stay […] Read More

Back to Melbourne

Back to Melbourne, to stay there for a whole month. So looking forward to it. Seeing my friends again, hanging out at Sircuit, swimming in Fitzroy, seeing a couple of Midsumma events…. Here are the details: Flight 42: Adelaide to Melbourne Date: 17/01/2015 QF686 ADL to MEL Airline: Qantas Plane: Boeing 737-800 Distance flown: 511 Miles Duration: 1h06 Read More

Indian Ocean

I was a bit afraid of taking that long over-water flight from Dubai to Perth. It’s 99% over water, at night, and if I am scared of something in the world than that would be it. Not only with recent stories of planes disappearing and crashing over water… oh hell, yeah, exactly that! I just […] Read More

Back to Australia

For the first time in this trip, I have changed my general direction of travel. I am no longer heading West, but backwards East, starting the third and last trip around the globe. Fewer stops this time – only Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brussels. But still a full circle. I figured I had lost two full days […] Read More

Johannesburg stop-over

I could have stayed longer in Cape Town. Time flew and I feel like I could use some more days at the beach. But I head over to Johannesburg today, an will be on my way to Australia tomorrow. I skipped Johannesburg. When I arrived in the early afternoon it was raining. I was tired… I […] Read More

59626 km

And here are the travel statistics for Round Two of my trip. In total, I made another 59626 km. Here’s the breakdown, I traveled: 56124 km in the air or 68 hours 38 minutes 2945 km by car and bus 417 km by train 140 km by ferry taking 19 flights on 12 Airbus, 6 Boeing […] Read More


I realized: I have actually completed my second round of circling the globe.  Even though I am not back in Europe, I am more or less on the same longitude. Here are the coordinates: Cape Town, South Africa: 33°55′ S, 18°22′ E Tel Aviv, Israel: 32°5′ N, 34°48′ E I am some 16° west of Tel Aviv […] Read More


Hello Africa! This afternoon I start my 3-leg trip into Africa, the last continent I haven’t visited (Ok, besides Antarctica). I’ll spend the last morning in Delhi, and then take a flight to Mumbai, and after a short stop-over fly all night on to Johannesburg, then hop on another flight to Cape Town wehere I’ll […] Read More

The Indian Pacific Railway

I have one week in Perth, then I’ll hop on The Indian Pacific Railway and travel two days through the Western Australian Desert, to Adelaide. I just booked my ticket, 569 Australian Dollars in total – I paid a bit more (current lowest is 329 AUD) to make sure I’ll get a window seat. I mean, […] Read More

Moving on to Khajuraho

After five days in intense and colorful Varanasi, I travel on to the more quiet Khajuraho, home to a number of Jain temples with erotic carvings. It’s going to be two short hops, on the same plane with a short stop in Agra. I guess we can even stay in the plane. Here are the […] Read More